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Chaos NY loves SC

Chaos NY is now also Chaos SC having been selected by the Greenville County Museum of Art be their new museum gift shop. Elena and Patricia flew to South Caroline to set up the Salon store, which was grand fun.  Not only did they enjoy southern hospitality but they fell in love with shrimp and grits.  They can’t wait to go back.



Their origins are simple and based upon a toy dog called Buster that was made for Patricia by her granny nearly 50 years ago.

During a design session she mentioned Buster, who is made from her grandfather’s flannel shirt. She brought Buster to the shop and our production coordinator Dina Reis recreated him using flannels we collected. He was so great that we started making other toys, or as we call them “Dinamals.” Dogs, cats, birds, bears made from recycled clothing and sweaters.

One day Tom Stryon, who heads the Greenville South Carolina Museum of Art, found his way in to our Manhattan shop. He was so charmed by the Dinamals, with their folk art nature and appeal, that he placed a large order for the museum and recently opened a show featuring them that will run through the holidays.

Dina handcrafts each toy and provides it a unique personality. Dinamals live around the world in Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Italy and Brazil, to name only a few locations.


The Tannersville Paint Project

Once upon a time, in 1986, a family built a cozy cottage in Tannersville, NY. They painted it grey and white. By and by, they needed to repaint the place. The wife, who always dreamt of owning a Victorian ‘Painted Lady’, became obsessed with morphing the cozy cottage into a wannabe Victorian.

Powers of persuasion were finely honed until finally the husband caved. When the paint guns were turned off, brilliant blocks of color, shutters with pictures, an animal-print front door and painted rocks made up the final fantasy.

So many folks drove up the long driveway to have a look, that the wife had an aha moment. She went to talk to the Mayor, then to the owners of the buildings in town. Most of them said aha.

That was the start of the Tannersville Paint Project.

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The Story of Ms. Artsy Fartsy

Elena is in the process of writing and illustrating a book for children, based on the Tannersville Paint Project.

The story, broadly based on the Paint Project which she started in 2002, is ‘Partly Truth and Partly Fiction’ – to quote Kris Kristofferson. Ms. Artsy Fartsy not only paints EVERY building, trash can and rock in Town, but also has the ability to paint patterns on trees and change the color of the sky.

The introduction for the book was written by Jane Curley, Curator and Board Member of the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA.

The Say What? Contemporary Art Gallery

Elena is the founder of the Say What? Contemporary Art Gallery in Tannersville, NY, which pairs visual expression with the written word.  Each of the seven annual exhibitions feature a selected literary quote, and artists are invited to create a piece that reflects the quote. Please visit



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